The VP1400 is a high performance, deep penetration, water driven fan, constructed using high grade 316 stainless steel. This non-sparking fan is suitable for use on all types of vessels (oil, product, chemical). The VP1400 is specially designed for low pressure systems and large deck openings whilst still maintaining the high static and flow rate for fast and efficient gas freeing.
Fan Key Features:

  • Run at 5 bar pressure while still creating a high operational output;
  • Constructed using high grade Stainless Steel;
  • Efficient “3D Francis Turbine” water motor for low water consumption.
  • Designed and Class-Approved for use in hazardous areas;
  • Supply or Extract mode by simple reversal of supply;
  • Can be supplied with horizontal mounting;
  • Integral ‘Direct In-Line’ drive; no gearbox to maintain or fail;
  • Non-sparking (ATEX approved); 
  • Can operate at low pressures;
  • Lightweight and compact for portability;
  • Can be supplied for horizontal mounting;
  • High air-flow throughput;
  • High static pressure;
  • Efficient motors;
  • Constructed using marine grade materials;
  • Fail-safe bleed tube to indicate seal failure